Friday Five: Photos of Lyla

1. Lyla is our new cat, who we adopted five weeks ago.Image

2. She’s 11 years old, and has been a bit sickly, so we’ve treated her to a series of immune-system boosting treatments as well as a dental operation that removed 13 teeth. She has not been impressed by this.


The horror… THE HORROR

3. Despite being in pain, she’s been an adorable companion, though doesn’t really get the concept of sharing desk space yet.


a) Your essay is shit; I’m actually doing you a favour by obstructing the keyboard, and b) why are you drinking when the sun hasn’t even gone down yet? I’m judging you.

4. She gets all shy when she’s sleeping…


Don’t look at my face! Look away, human!

5. And is generally completely adorable. Welcome, Lyla! Long may your reign over my desk continue. Image

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